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HMD Room Recipe - $40

Are you looking for some design ideas + access to some of the most aggressive designer discounts from trade sources on planet earth?  Our simple Room Recipe may be just what you are looking for. 

The HMD Room Recipe is similar to what other online design services refer to as "design in a box". This is a semi-custom catalog of our most popular specifications created by a professional HMD interior designer based upon your choices from six major design styles and over 700 correlated color combinations. 

This semi-customized online catalog includes comprehensive specifications for colors, furniture, fixtures and finishes with cohesive style, scale, color and texture coordinated throughout.  A range of options are compared side by side and you have the ability to swap out each item from a narrowed selection of alternative items that fit the style and colors you've selected for your recipe.

The Room Recipe does not take into account your existing room, furniture, budgeting nor does it include a space plan or any email or telephone consultation with the designer.


unlimited online interior design servicesUnlimited Design Services - $299 Per Room

Okay folks, this is the real deal.  One low fixed fee buys you unlimited consultation with a professional and highly experienced interior designer, with no hourly limits, until you say your room is complete. 

You'll work according to the HMD five phase project management process that will define your own personal style, color palette and collaborate with you to specify every applicable choice for furniture, flooring, fabric, fixtures, finishes, lighting, window and wall coverings, moldings, mantels, accessories and more.  You'll have ongoing consultation with no hourly limits via email, telephone (by appointment during normal business hours) and of course using fabulous online tools. 

Unlimited consultation does NOT include drawings such as space plans, furniture plans, custom tile layouts, construction drawings, lighting and electrical plans or elevations.


space plans furniture plans and layoutsSpace Plans, Furniture Plans, Layouts, Elevations & Construction Drawings - $99 each

Because drawings are time consuming we've made the decision not to include them with unlimited interior design services.  By offering a-la carte drawings we keep our fixed fee service fees as low as possible and still enable clients who need scale documentation or help visualizing their space to get them at an incredibly low price. 

All space plans and drawings are to-scale according to the dimensions you provide for your room, include up to three revisions and can include your existing furniture and/or your designer's suggestions for new pieces configured to fit the functional intentions you have for your space.

Photo realistic drawings, sets of complex plans, construction documentation, etc. are best quoted per project and so feel free to drop us a note and we'll happily answer all questions.


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