The HMD vision: Design for Everyone!SM

Homemade Design, Inc. is America's leading online residential interior design firm.  We're carving out a niche in the marketplace by offering ultra-affordable residential interior design consultation paired with access to exclusive interior designer discounts from popular retailers and trade sources. 

Historically, interior designers of HMD's quality have been hired exclusively by very wealthy Homeowners, those affluent clients with six figure budgets that don't blink at $250 hourly design fee's.  What is unique about HMD is that we are able to offer very similar interior design quality and guidance at a much lower price point.  HMD is proud to offer high-end interior design expertise to the tens of millions of homeowners who would otherwise renovate, decorate, remodel or repair their home without the valuable contributions of a home decorator, let alone a licensed interior designer.

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HMD  is for Interior Designers & Decorators Too


Design for everyone!SM is also a powerful partner for home decorators and interior designers.  As our Industry struggles with evaporating home equity and the ongoing economic environment, design professionals are looking for new ways to expand and grow their businesses.   HMD enables interior designers and decorators with a very high quality product that can be offered to a much larger customer demographic.    In the event HMD clients desire in person consultation or traditional full-service interior design services we are extremely pleased to recommend our pre-screened HMD certified interior designers and decorators across the country.


Why Do We Believe in Design for Everyone?


great design dramatically increases the value of  your home
designer only product discounts can produce savings that far exceed design fees 
functional design improves quality of life and reduces risk of injury
interior designers help cut renovation costs through superior planning and durable solutions
incorporating sustainable products and principles positively impacts health, the environment and reduces energy and utility related expenses
superior aesthetics instill a sense of comfort and boost self esteem through pride of ownership

Clients Look to HMD for More Than Home Decorating Ideas

We offer the highest quality interior design expertise, innovative value oriented product recommendations, reliable local service pro's and access to exclusive interior designer discounts from trade sources.  HMD works with home decorators to help grow your business and enhance the products and services you are able to offer to clients.  We offer all of this at a price within reach of virtually every homeowner regardless of income level or the value of the home or the home decorating ideas being sought after. 

 We sincerely hope you'll share in our passion as we design for everyone!SM